Film Bubble Project
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Film Bubble Project

The Film Bubble Project was born from Covid closing the film industry!

“As the Hollywood film industry, like many others, shut down this spring, a south Florida-based group of award-winning actors and crew created its own “bubble” by securing a 100-acre campground in central Florida to film a campy comedic murder mystery.”

In a collaborative effort to keep making great movies a group of of actors, directors and film crew are changed the traditional film making paradigm.

An incredible experience that provides tools for success and opportunities for young performers to work in-person with celebrities and experience what it means to work in the entertainment industry first hand.

Film Bubble Project is a collaboration of actors, directors and movie industry experts, in an effort to continue to make movies during this highly challenging time for the entertainment industry. “Corona Camp is the first Bubble Project feature film to prove that great movies can be made using alternative methods, surpassing the paradigm of the past filming,” says Nappe, “We were born for this! Everyone is ‘pivoting’ and we are creatives in the entertainment business—we had to figure out how to entertain ourselves and others—and keep working!”

The Film Bubble Project is an exclusive interactive program that occurs safely in various locations around the world. Actors must apply and audition to be in the Film Bubble Project and will be hand selected by our executive team. If interested in this incredible opportunity, you can start by emailing us at